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The Bad and The Beautiful: Conversations on Cinema

Jun 16, 2018

The Bad and the Beautiful: Conversations on Cinema - Episode 8

On this episode, it’s a double bill of the God forsaken – with three guys who pray that they aren’t – plus much more.

Charles and Jeff welcome back guest Adam Palmer as they discuss HEREDITARY, the new art house horror film that has been polarizing audiences, including our trio. There’s a stark two-against-one divide here on writer/director Ari Aster’s debut, and our humble trinity is far from united.
There’s redemption to be found, however, in Paul Schrader’s FIRST REFORMED, perhaps not for his characters but definitely for his career as our critics agree that this is the TAXI DRIVER screenwriter’s career-best film.
All that plus Jeff, Charles, and Adam give brief thoughts on INCREDIBLES 2, OCEAN’S 8, and the critically-acclaimed Cannes Film Festival award-winning indie THE RIDER.

- HEREDITARY, @ 1:18
- INCREDIBLES 2, @ 24:53
- OCEAN’S 8, @ 27:53
- THE RIDER, @ 35:37
- OUTRO, @ 01:07:53

Music Selections:
- "Funeral", Colin Stetson (HEREDITARY)
- "God Gives", Nathan Halpern (THE RIDER)