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VIDEODRONETULSA: A Viewers Guide through the Apocalypse

Dec 26, 2018

Here's the Christmas Even episode, clocking in at a tight 33+ minutes. Hope you and your two favorite ladies have a great Christmas and New Year!

On this holiday episode of The Bad and the Beautiful, we look at new Oscar contenders from previous Academy Award winners.

First, IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK, the follow-up to that Best Picture surprise MOONLIGHT for writer/director Barry Jenkins. He adapts the acclaimed novel by literary and activist icon of the Civil Rights era, James Baldwin.

Then it’s on to VICE, the latest from Adam McKay. The Best Adapted Screenplay winner for THE BIG SHORT, McKay brandishes his gonzo satirical style to exploring the rise and shadowy reign of Vice President Dick Cheney. Christian Bale stars as the polarizing Veep.

And finally, there’s a bonus in your podcast stocking: a quick take from our pre-show prep on Clint Eastwood’s THE MULE. But like any Marvel movie, you have to wait until the very end of the credits to hear it.
Merry Christmas.


· VICE, @ 20:23

· OUTRO, @ 30:33

· Bonus Outtake Hot Take: THE MULE @ 32:08

Music Selections:
- "The Man", The Killers, VICE
- "Sleigh Ride", Les Baxter